You need inventory efficiency. Our warehousing & distribution gets you there.

Transparency and capability may be the most difficult part of good business and inventory management decisions. Our warehousing and distribution services enable us to provide an unmatched level of service specifically targeted at solving these needs.

Grow with us.

Our facility is located in Larnaca close to the Larnaca International Airport. We are actively investing into our warehousing services infrastructure. Why? Because we are growth-minded. Whether it’s our order accuracy, or our responsiveness to issues – our goal is simple: eliminate your warehousing headaches and make your company as successful as possible.

Our warehousing services.

Distribution & Transportation Services

Whether local courier, air freight, ocean freight, or other distribution related transportation services, our centrally located warehouse is perfectly positioned to provide you with a competitive edge.

Vendor Inventory Management Application

We offer managed inventory solutions. This grants you expert inventory management without the staffing overhead. With this service, you simultaneously reduce over stock concerns or cushion stock requirements. You can access your inventory items 24/7 through the inventory application and we will ensure a permanent communication with you and your customers, giving you total transparency.

Affordable Warehouse Space

Determining the right amount of product to keep on-hand, or cushion stock, can be tricky. Our competitive warehousing rates ease these decisions by reducing cash expenditure for your business.