Cosmetics registration in European Union.

The European cosmetics sector is among the largest worldwide. With some of the highest values in the world, the cosmetic market in Europe is attractive and prosperous. iTrust will guide you through the EU regulatory landscape, act as your Responsible Person, and keep you always up to date about the constant updates affecting manufacturers of cosmetics.

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CPNP Notification

One of the main requirements of the EU Cosmetics Regulation is the pre-market notification. The designated Responsible Person must notify the products before they enter the market once the Product Information File encloses all evidence of conformity.

Product Information File (PIF)

A PIF is a large and highly structured dossier containing every piece of information related to a given cosmetic product. The Product Information File (PIF) is a key element of your EU compliance process.

EU Responsible Person

All non-EU manufacturers must designate an EU-based Responsible Person. EU manufacturers also can designate another entity as their Responsible Person. iTrust acts as your Responsible Person, makes sure you are meeting all EU regulatory requirements, and guides you through the European market.

Lab Testing

Before entering the EU market, cosmetic products must undergo some laboratory testing. The results are included in the Product Information File (PIF) and evaluated by the Safety Assessor to determine whether the product is safe for use.

Labelling & Formulation Review

We make sure that your labels meet the EU requirements, including all information and details that the law requires and we also check your ingredients one by one, making sure they meet the regulatory requirements on restrictions and bans.

Safety Assessment

All cosmetic products placed on the EU market need to have a Safety Assessment Report (SAR). If you are a manufacturer of cosmetics and do not have a SAR, iTrust can assist you obtain your tests and obtaining your Safety Assessment Report.

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